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Please read carefully our terms and conditions in order to rent one of our apartments. The rental conditions refer to holiday accommodations rental at the prices indicated in our price-list.
The minimum rental period is one week, from Saturday to Saturday, or for periods multiple of a week.

For shorter rental periods, please contact us via email or fax and we will make our best to satisfy your requests.

Our prices and fees are intended as weekly, from Saturday to Saturday, and include the rent for the number of persons provided in our apartments’ descriptions, and all the services and what else specified in the price-list.

In order to contact us via email, please use the on-line form “Contact us” or “Availability Enquire”

Bookings must be made care of the “Az. Agricola la Cappella” - Via Lucignano n. 27- Montespertoli (Florence) Tel. 0571-659150 or 0571-659157 Fax. 0571-659412 - E.mail or

Bookings shall be considered valid under the following conditions:

1) Advance payment of 30% of the total amount due.

2) The client has filled out and signed our booking form.

3) The total balance is due on arrival to our place, before the start of rental.

4) Deposit on arrival: € 300,00.

5) Advanced payments can be made by means of bank transfer, personal cheque, registered cheque, postal money order or by means of VISA/MASTERCARD. The balance can be paid only by means of VISA/MASTERCARD or cash.

6) Bookings shall remain valid for maximum seven days. The advanced payment due and the form duly filled out and signed must be received within this time: bookings shall otherwise be cancelled.

7) On our receipt of payment, we will send the client his booking confirmation which must be handed to the renter to be able to take possession of the rented unit, valid for the names and the period written thereon. It is prohibited to transfer the voucher to others or to show up in a greater number of persons than those indicated in the voucher, given that apartment occupation is limited to the number of persons mentioned in the voucher. The owner can refuse access to the persons in excess.

Cancellation policy:
Should the client decide to cancel his booking, the advanced-payment will not be refunded to the client, unrespectively of the date on which he should decide to cancel. Further he will be constrained to the payment of the following additional penalties to us:

- 50% of the total price (less the advanced payment), if the waiver is received before 90 days of the start of the stay
- 70% of the total price (less the advanced payment) if the waiver is received between the 89th day and the 40th day before the start of the stay
- 90% of the total price (less the advanced payment) if the waiver is received within 39 days prior to the start of the stay.
The waiver must be made in writing (registered letter or fax or email). Should the renter succeed in occupying the apartment object of waiver for the same period, only 30% of the total prices (that is the amount of the advanced payment) shall be withheld by the owner. We reserve ourselves the faculty to substitute the accommodations booked with an offer of equal value in the event of serious unexpected occurrence. In the event of force majeure (war, natural calamity, fire, etc.) we can cancel the contract and fully reimburse the sum paid.

On arrival, the client must pay the owner or his appointee a deposit of Euros 300,00 cash. The deposit will be returned at the time of departure, but for holding back sums owed for any damage caused or for expenses not included in the contract (telephone, heating, final cleanings, etc.). In the event the deposit is not paid by the client, the owner or his appointee reserves the right to refuse the keys.

Further, on arrival clients will be requested to hand their passports or legal ID-cards over to the owner or his appointee. In fact the owner needs to register the names of ALL the persons occupying each apartment.

Eventual legal controversies:
For any legal controversies, the Court of Florence shall have exclusive competence. Signing the booking form and booking itself implies knowledge of the rental conditions and involves their acceptance without reserve or exceptions. The person who signs the form shall be held responsible for the rental.

Arrivals & Departures:

Arrivals are expected on Saturday between 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Departures must be on Saturday mornings, by and no later than 9:00 am. In case of late departures (not authorized by us), the client will be requested a fee of 100,00 Euros per each hour of delay.

Different arrival hours or departure times must be discussed and authorized directly by the owner.

The tenant undertakes to occupy the accommodations respecting the rules of a good neighbour. The apartments are handed over to the client clean and in order.
The client who does not intend to accept the condition of the rented accommodations, or in case he has some complains regarding it, must do so at the moment he enters, in the presence of the renter or his appointee.

Animals or pets are not admitted.

In our property we have a private swimming-pool for our guests. The period of availability is from the 15th of May to the 30th of September. Dates may vary according to weather conditions.

The period for the operation of heating is regulated by the Italian law and only in special cases of climatic adversity is the competent province delegated to make any exceptions. Please note that the cost of heating in Italy is generally much higher than in other countries.


Agriturismo Casa La Colombaia - via Lucignano 27, Montespertoli (Firenze)
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